Booking a Beach Picnic in Perdido Key, Florida


Perdido Key is an unincorporated community in Escambia County, Florida, United States, between Pensacola, Florida and Orange Beach, Alabama. "Perdido" means "lost" in the Spanish and Portuguese languages.

At the Southern Charm Picnic Company, we take pride in getting to know each individual one of our clients. We take the most pride in making sure we plan and execute your pop-up beach, bay, or backyard picnic to your expectations.

Prior to booking feel free to reach out to the Southern Charm Picnic Team via email, phone or social media. We love to connect with our clients to assist in any way we can. Once you book with us we will contact you to discuss your pop-up picnic. If we need to have multiple calls about your picnic we are more than happy to accommodate. On the day of your picnic, we will meet you at your location in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, or Fairhope. We explain the rules and regulations and leave you to create all the memories at your picnic location. The Southern Charm Picnic Company team member will not stay at the location of your picnic but they will be within a 5-10 minute mile radius of your picnic. If you should have an issue they will be there to assist. All you have to do is call.

After your picnic, we will clean up your pop-up picnic. All you have to do is leave with all the wonderful memories you created during your picnic. Once we return back to our warehouse with the picnic items we wash, launder all items that were used. We take the most pride in making sure each picnic is clean and sanitized for all our guests.

We hope you come to make memories that will last a lifetime. Pop-up picnics in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, or Fairhope are the perfect place to make them over a beautiful setting with your family and friends. The Southern Charm Picnic Company can't wait to create the perfect setting for you to do so.